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Long Term Care is something we do not want to think about...if you are young you can't imagine being in a nursing home or facility.  Not until you experience (and over 70% will) a loved one or friend who has gone through the financial and emotional trauma of caring for someone with dementia or a debilitating disease...do you realize how expensive the cost is and how it can deplete your assets.


You can still apply for Traditional Long Term Care, however, there are other options available whereby you purchase a Hybrid Life Insurance Policy which includes a Long Term Care Rider.  The Face Amount could be used for long term care expenses up to or equal to the Life benefit.  The Insured, once qualified, would withdraw funds from the Face Amount, as needed, to cover those expenses.  The remaining amount of life insurance is paid out to named Beneficiary upon death of Insured.  This could give you two benefits and a good return of your investment.


We will be happy to explain this more fully during a consultation regarding your insurance needs and goals.  We also provide a complimentary review of any current policies you have In Force.  Reach out to us at 615-371-2467 or send Email to nancy@managedben.com

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