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Managed Benefits, Inc. has extensive experience in designing and implementing Group Insurance Plans for all size employers, from as few as two employees up to thousands.  While we arrange all types of Group Insurance Plans, such as Dental, Life, Disability, etc., the main concern of small and medium employers is focused on Group Medical insurance. 


Group Health insurance is in a period of transition due largely to legislative changes and some outstanding resolutions regarding how new rules are to be interpreted.  We stay abreast of all the news and believe that there are options available to small and medium size employers to be able to offer affordable Group Medical insurance.


New tools, such as Level-Funded Plans and Reference-Based Pricing, may be good options to consider depending on the composition of the employees in any group.


We welcome your inquiries about what options might be best for you if you are a business-owner with at least two employees.  Please give us a call at 615-371-2467 or send E-mail to Rodney@managedben.com

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